Wheel Spacers Set 30mm incl. bolts Mercedes B-Class 245G/246

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“Wheel Spacers Set 30mm including wheel bolts for Mercedes B-Class 245G/246”
Novus NJT ALU Wheel Spacers 30mm including wheel bolts

With ABE certification/approval

Wheel Spacers-Set
– 30mm per axis (15mm per side)
– With hubcentric ring and grease cap
– Bolt pattern 5×112
– Center bore 66,6mm
– 10x Wheel bolt ball collar M14x1,5 43mm

Suitable for:

B-Class incl.Facelift 2014 (245G / 246)

– All NOVUS NJT-Extreme plates are made of high-strength aluminum
– Additionally anodized to prevent rust
– with ABE (valid for the wheel / tire combinations entered in the ABE)

Calculation of the required wheel bolt length (bolts are included in this set):
– Measure the shaft length of the original wheel bolt in mm
– Add the width of the track plate to the length of the original shaft length
– Example: original shaft length 25mm + 5mm track plate (per side) = 30mm length of the new wheel bolt
– Check whether the wheel bolts with ball collar or tapered collar are required


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